New Tesla Charging Stations Coming to Chehalis


Eight new electric vehicle charging stations will soon pop up near the Chehalis Home Depot at 700 NW Arkansas Way.

The Chehalis City Council voted Monday to enter into an agreement with Tesla, Inc. — a leading electric vehicle manufacturer with over 30,000 supercharger sites across the nation — to install the changing stations.

The action comes after the council approved four additional EVgo Services LLC (EVgo) charging stations at the same site last month, a move that ended an exclusivity contract between the city and EVgo.

According to the March 14 Chehalis City Council meeting’s agenda documents, the eight Tesla charging stations will come with about 200 to 400 square feet of additional space for equipment, all for an aggregate rent of $600 a month to the city of Chehalis.

Tesla is set to move in Sept. 1, and will take charge of all the improvements necessary to the site for the purposes of the charging stations’ functionality.

The charging stations will be functional within a year following Tesla’s Sept. 1 move.

While the contract will expire five years after the stations go live, the corporation will have two intervals in which it can extend the agreement by an additional five years.