Letter to the editor: We’re not ready to hear the truth about UFOs


I just turned the TV on, and the gossip show TMZ Live happens to be on. This got my feeble attention — plus an ironic past history lesson.

The TMZ Live show was about an upcoming special on UFOs and how now the governments of the world (yes, besides the USA) are recognizing the existence of alien life forms and spacecraft, and now it’s time to confess up that the governments (all of them) have known they exist all along. They have poo-pooed the facts that have been presented in videos and physical evidence for the cases. Any idiot would know that what the government was trying to do was a good old-fashioned coverup.

I don’t fancy myself as overly educated (two-year degree from Centralia Junior College, 1975), but I’ve pondered over the same in the past — about why would anyone question the facts that were presented.

This is my conclusion:

The governments would have to debate the theory/fact that a superior being that was not of God’s image was in our world and just might be of superior intelligence and skill level than us humanoids.

Now, how is that going to play out in the long run with the die-hard Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., in this world we call earth? I think it would shake up the devout greatly and start a lot of debate and hate and discontent accordingly.

We are hopefully trying to calm down with what’s happening in social media, politics and racial distrust — and now let’s start this.

A confession by any government at this time would be poorly timed. I’m not saying this shouldn’t come out, just that governments should time things better. And everybody, take a breath. Those outer space aliens probably don’t suck air.

Final thought: Would you be the person who would greet an alien with a handshake or with a loaded shotgun?


Greg Ruddell