Letter to the editor: Notify proper authorities in unfortunate instances


I moved back to Washington state in 2021. Throughout my visits to our local businesses, or reading the newspaper, or listening to our local radio station news, I have noticed several situations where many have been placed to face ethical dilemmas caused by residents or guests in town.

I’d like to pass to others the advice that if we ever encounter these unfortunate instances, that we can resolve this by notifying the cops, otherwise known as the “community-oriented policing services.”

In an effort to further help them, others and ourselves, we can also report any repeating instances to state programs like social services, Child Protective Services and the Department of Labor.

Additionally, if we encounter students who are going unregulated, we can try and get the help they need by reporting them and seeing in what area they are not receiving the help they deserve, so that the correct changes can be taken.

Thank you all for reading, thank you to the editor if this letter is published and thank you everyone for your efforts. Many of these instances require the appropriate action being taken by specialists, and not ourselves alone. But they can’t take the first step of resolving these problems without us bringing it to their attention.


Poncio Pulido