Letter to the editor: Homeless, jobless and unable to find work due to age and experience


Greetings. I write this day in sorrow. After a long working life, a career, as an older worker, age 60, I find myself in despair as I have applied for over 900 job positions in close to two years and no one, absolutely no company, will hire someone my age, especially with my elevated skills. We need to do something, as many other older workers are facing this same scenario.

I became homeless after being laid off. I "hung in there" many months, trying to obtain work where I was constantly told I was a great match for the advertised role, just to cast aside once they learned my age. I have now lost my home and have become homeless. And it is so bad out there. The job market is horrible, but we are not told the truth. It is so bad. It has been reduced to insults.

When interviewing for a local company, one of the managers made a comment that, "You cannot be that bad if you own a smartphone." When I questioned, he stated that older people are clueless about technology, and he felt that since I had a smartphone that meant I might be acceptable for the role, even though it was not tech-related at all. I have over 40 years in IT. This was insulting, and I calmly reminded him that I am from the generation that invented such things. Needless to say, I never got a call back.

We boomers are not wanted in the workforce. We are called "Q-tips," and there must be something done about it. I can offer a company an elevated amount of skills. I can rebuild engines, I can assemble and repair appliances, operate machines and change light bulbs. I can voice act, broadcast, build websites and fine-tune online marketing. I can repair computers and run an IT department. I have common sense and wisdom and possess a great work ethic. But I am 60 years old and that is simply a disqualifier. I am too young to draw on Social Security and too old to hire. I go days without meals. I really want to work.

I am not the only person my age suffering. There are thousands just like me, pushed out of the workforce, losing their homes and unable to work because they actually have skills. These young managers simply do not want someone who may have more knowledge or experience, or someone who may retire in two years. The role I was pushed out of? It was like an episode of Romper Room each and every day. The work environment has become like high school in recent years. I just want to work.

I need help. I need a job. And anyone reviewing my work history simply refuses to go there. I did not work all my life to wind up in a state of homeless and incomeless despair. Someone, please, give me a job!

Sincerely, the homeless and jobless Q-tip.


Randall Seacat