Election 2019

General election results were officially certified Tuesday with several races in Lewis and Thurston counties decided by razor-thin margins.  

Lewis County had a 46.4 percent voter turnout while Thurston County voter turnout was slightly lower at 44.3 percent, according to the Lewis and Thurston County auditor’s offices. 

In the Centralia race for Position 1 at-large on the city council, Elizabeth Cameron edged Matt Evans by securing 50.2 percent of the vote, with only 38 votes separating both candidates. 

In the second contested Centralia City Council race, challenger Kelly Smith-Johnston ousted mayor Lee Coumbs 1,874 votes to 1,427, bringing in a total of 56.38 percent of the total vote. 

Peter Abbarno won his uncontested Centralia council race with 98.15 percent of the vote.  

In the Chehalis race for Council District 1, Jerry Lord — owner of M & K Townstore in Chehalis — ousted incumbent Terry Harris with 50.8 percent of the vote, as only seven votes  separated the two. 

When Lord was reached for comment immediately after the final results were posted, the local merchant said that he recently attended two city council meetings to gather information on the budget and other city government matters.

The councilor-elect objected to the cost that some residents will incur to install a fire suppression system in their homes. 

“Residents shouldn’t have to pay more than they should to get a permit,” he said. 

Incumbents Chehalis councilors Daryl Lund, Anthony Ketchum and Issac Pope all retained their seats after uncontested race. 

In the Centralia School District Board of Directors race, newcomer Mandi McDougall outgained incumbent Jami Lund by raking in 50.78 percent of the vote, or 102 more votes than her opponent.

In other Centralia School Board races, Vickie Jackson defeated Alma Neurt 3,054 votes to 1,294 votes and Beverley Clark bested John Elmore 2,768 votes to 1,837. 

Chehalis School Board candidates Larry Petersen, Brennan Bailey and J. Vander Stoep all won seats in uncontested fashion. 

In the race for Port of Centralia District 2 commissioner, incumbent Julie Shaffley trounced former Centralia mayor Bonnie Canaday by compiling 61.9 percent of the vote, for a difference of 1,076 votes. 

Incumbent Ken Kostick was uncontested in his successful effort to retain his position on the Port of Chehalis Commission. 

In the Morton race for Position 4 on the city council, Travis Cooper bested Amanda West with 51.5 percent of the vote and only 10 votes separating both candidates. 

The highly-contested mayoral race in Vader saw Lois Wilson top Bob (Plumbob) Goff by garnering 50.6 percent of the vote, with a total of three votes being the difference. 

In the Vader race for Position 4 on the city council, Mike Parsons outdid Janet Charlton by collecting 50.3 percent of the votes, as a total of seven votes determined the outcome here. 

The Morton School Board race for Director District 1 was another tight contest, with Chase Buffington beating out Clint Scogin by recording 50.58 percent of the vote, which constituted a margin of 16 votes. 

The tight battles in Thurston County included Joe Downing scoring 51.2 percent of the vote over Helen Wheatley in the Port of Olympia race for Port Commissioner District 1, with a difference of 2,034 votes. 

Riverside Fire Authority’s excess levy request has passed after additional ballots were counted. 

The levy received 60.53 percent, just above the 60 percent supermajority required. The ballot asked voters to approve a tax of $.47 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The levy will provide $986,240 to be collected in 2020 for the fire authority. 

The RFA hopes to use the funding to replace four fire trucks with “dual function” pumper/water tender trucks. 

To view the full outcome of the election — including the names of dozens of candidates who ran unopposed — visit https://bit.ly/2PTuKnO for Lewis County results and https://bit.ly/36ItslB for Thurston County results. 


Here are the final tallies of other contested or otherwise notable races: 


Lewis County

Morton City Council

Position 1

Kevin Dunlap Jr. — 179 votes, 59.27 percent

Jessica Scogin — 121 votes, 40.07 percent


Position 4

Amanda West — 140 votes, 47.62 percent

Travis Cooper — 151 votes, 51.36 percent 


Napavine City Mayor 

Shawn M. O’Neill — 247 votes, 65.34 percent

Mike Wood — 120 votes, 31.58 percent 


Pe Ell Town Mayor 

Lonnie Willey — 123 votes, 60.89 percent

Jim Henderson — 75 votes, 37.13 percent


Pe Ell Town Council Position 3 

Robert (Bobby) Cox — 141 votes, 74.21 percent

Clifford (Cliff) Haley — 49 votes, 25.79 percent


Pe Ell Town Council Position 4

Kristi A. Milanowski — 118 votes, 60.82 percent

Don Webster — 76 votes, 39.18 percent 


Pe Ell Town Council Position 5 

Christopher Dodd — 105 votes, 54.97 percent

Marjorie (Midge) Church — 86 votes, 45.03 percent


Toledo City Mayor 

Steve Dobosh — 146 votes, 74.87 percent 

Eric Duerst — 49 votes, 25.13 percent 


Toledo City Council Position 3 

Carol A. Hill — 115 votes, 64.97 percent

Gary Reboin — 62 votes, 35.03 percent 


Vader City Council Position 1

Donna Rogers — 82 votes, 56.55 percent

Kevin Flynn — 59 votes, 40.69 percent


Winlock City Council Position 1 

Brandon Svenson — 206 votes, 71.03 percent

Paul McMillan — 80 votes, 27.59 percent 


Winlock City Council Position 2 

Eric Contreras — 183 votes, 60 percent

Jeramy Allman — 121 votes, 39.67 percent


Winlock City Council Position 3

Lonnie J. Dowell — 195 votes, 61.9 percent 

Jodie Curtis — 119 votes, 37.78 percent


Onalaska School District Director Position 4

Gabe Hamilton — 890 votes, 61.04 percent

Kirt Schmidt — 560 votes, 38.41 percent


White Pass School District Director District 1

Ricky (Erica) Emerson — 754 votes, 67.62 percent

Bob Bordeaux — 358 votes, 32.11 percent 


White Pass School District Director District 3

Joel McMahan — 902 votes, 75.93 percent

Zora DeGrandpre — 283 votes, 23.82 percent 


Winlock School District Director District 3

Emily Ruiz — 638 votes, 57.07 percent 

Robert (Bob) Giberson — 476 votes, 42.58 percent 


Onalaska Fire District 1 Commissioner Position 1

Tim Miles — 579 votes, 61.46 percent 

Carolyn (Carol) Brock — 356 votes, 37.79 percent


Chehalis Fire District 6 Commissioner Position 2

James (Jim) Martin — 1,423 votes, 71.08 percent 

Abraham Meyer — 560 votes, 27.97 percent 


Glenoma Fire District 18 Commissioner Position 3

Philip J. Pokorski — 116 votes, 57.43 percent 

Carol T. Courtney — 86 votes, 42.57 percent 


Hospital District 1 Commissioner District 1

Tom Herrin — 1,260 votes, 55.88 percent

Marc Fisher — 979 votes, 43.41 percent.


Hospital District 1 Commissioner Position 5

Wes McMahan — 1,730 votes, 71.81 percent 

Martin Fortin Jr. — 668 votes, 27.73 percent 


Chehalis Water-Sewer District 4 Commissioner Position 3

Sheila Unger — 86 votes, 55.13 percent 

Brent Goodrich — 69 votes, 44.23 percent 


Onalaska Water-Sewer District 5 Commissioner Position 1

Deborah Hilliard — 7 votes, 29.17 percent

Write-in — 17 votes, 70.83 percent


Onalaska Water-Sewer District 5 Commissioner Position 2

Jimmy Hilliard — 5 votes, 21.74 percent

Write-in — 18 votes, 78.26 percent 


Thurston County 

City of Tenino Mayor 

Wayne Fournier — 231 votes, 61.44 percent

Write-in — 145 votes, 38.56 percent


Tenino School District Board Director District 4

Tamara (Tammy) Schroder — 1,597 votes, 62.65 percent

Reva Rice — 924 votes, 36.25 percent 


Fire Protection District 12 Position 2

John E. Vanderhoof — 1,151 votes, 67.99 percent

John Millard — 529 votes, 31.25 percent 


Fire Protection District 12 Position 5

John J. O’Callahan — 944 votes, 56.66 percent 

Clayton S. Whitehead — 703 votes, 42.2 percent 


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