• At 5:18 p.m. Wednesday, a theft of cash was reported in the 2000 block of Cooks Hill Road.


Sexual Assault Reported

• At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, police were notified of a potential sexual assault in the 2000 block of Borst Avenue. The case is under investigation.


Suspect Booked for Alleged Meth Possession

• At 7:33 p.m. Wednesday, police responded to the 100 block of South Silver Street and arrested Nicole L. Tracy, 38, of Seattle on a felony Department of Corrections warrant. Police reported finding meth on Tracy during a search.


Suspect Arrested Twice for Assaults at Hospital

• At 9:23 p.m. Wednesday, police responded to the 900 block of South Scheuber Road and arrested Guadalupe L. Gomez Mendez, 47, of Centralia on suspicion of fourth-degree assault — domestic violence and interfering with a healthcare facility. Gomez Mendez allegedly assaulted medical staff at the hospital.

• At 7:49 p.m. Thursday, police responded to the 900 block of South Scheuber Road and again arrested Gomez Mendez on suspicion of third-degree assault after Gomez Mendez allegedly assaulted a nurse. The nurse had scratches on her hand.


Two Arrested, Released for Drug, Driving Violations

• At 9:24 p.m. Wednesday, police responded to Yew and Mellen streets and arrested and released a 29-year-old Centralia resident on suspicion of driving on a suspended license and a 24-year-old Centralia resident on suspicion of allowing an unauthorized person to drive and referred the person on suspicion of possession of heroin and a substance without a prescription.


 Assault Suspect Booked

• At 10:01 a.m. Thursday, police responded to the 400 block of North Oak Street and arrested Doug Y. Galloway, 35, of Centralia on suspicion of fourth-degree assault.

 Vehicle Prowl

• At 5:24 p.m. Thursday, a vehicle prowl was reported in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue. A purse was stolen.


Arrow Shot at Home

• At 8:28 p.m. Thursday, a caller in the 300 block of M Street reported someone shot an arrow into the side of her house.


Suspect Booked for Alleged Robbery, Taking Car

• At 2:17 a.m. Friday, police responded to the 1400 block of West Main Street and arrested Kevin G. Blosser, 38, of Centralia on suspicion of second-degree robbery and taking a motor vehicle without permission. Blosser allegedly used force to take a known individual’s car keys and then took their car.



Caller Reports Theft of Cat, Damage to Fence and Tree

• At 10:33 a.m. Wednesday, a caller in the 1000 block of Southwest Cascade Avenue reported someone ripped a tree out of the ground on the caller’s property, stole the caller’s cat and kicked a fence. The damage was done about one week prior.


Trespassed Subject Returns to Store

• At 10:35 a.m. Wednesday, a caller in the 500 block of South Market Boulevard reported a known shoplifter returned to a store where he had previously been trespassed.


Subject Touches Caller Inappropriately, Gets Sprayed with Hose

• At 3:01 p.m. Wednesday, a caller in the 100 block of Southwest First Street reported a male teen touched her inappropriately while he was walking past. The caller said she then sprayed the teen with a hose.



• At 3:26 p.m. Wednesday, a theft of a vehicle’s wheel and tire was reported in the 1300 block of Northwest Louisiana Avenue.


Assault Reported

• At 9:51 p.m. Wednesday, a caller at Market Boulevard and Third Street reported someone attacked her with a crow bar.


Police Requested to Check on Man Spending Time in Women’s Bathroom

• At 8:46 a.m. Thursday, a caller in the 1700 block of Northwest Louisiana Avenue reported that a man had been inside a business’ women’s bathroom for the past 45 minutes, and staff members were uncomfortable checking on him.


Teen Accused of Malicious Mischief

• At 6:14 p.m. Thursday, police responded to the 1200 block of Southwest Pacific Avenue and arrested a 13-year-old Centralia male on suspicion of third-degree malicious mischief. The teen was already in custody at Lewis County Juvenile when the alleged offense occurred.



• As of Friday morning, the Lewis County Jail had a total system population of 211 inmates, with 177 in general population, 33 in the Work Ethic and Restitution Center and one on work release. Of general population inmates, 146 were men and 31 were women and of WERC inmates, 27 were men and six were women. A total of 



By The Chronicle Staff 


Please call news reporter Cody Neuenschwander with news tips. He can be reached at 807-8208 or cneuenschwander@chronline.com

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