Court: Schroeder

Jerald L. Schroeder makes an appearance in Lewis County Superior Court Monday afternoon in Chehalis.

A Glenoma man accused of brandishing a firearm at three men over a dispute about whose property a mobile home was on made his preliminary appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday.

Jerald L. Schroeder, 74, was charged with three counts of second-degree assault.

Deputy Prosecutor Will Halstead requested bail to be set at $100,000, citing the use of a firearm in the alleged incident, anti-harassment orders to protect the three alleged victims and that the court require Schroeder to forfeit any firearms he owns.

Schroeader’s attorney for the day, Rachael Tiller, requested that bail be set at an unsecured amount and that Schroeder would be able to comply with forfeiting the custody of his firearms for the duration of the case.

Judge James Lawler elected to set bail at $50,000 unsecured, issued the anti-harassment orders and required Schroeder to forfeit his firearms to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the probable cause report, on May 17 deputies with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in Glenoma where three men alleged that Schroeder had pointed a firearm at them while they were moving a mobile home onto their property.

After the deputies had contacted the alleged victims, they learned that Schroeder reportedly  came outside of his neighboring house and began yelling at the men because he claimed they were on his property.

One of the deputies who later took pictures of the area determined the mobile home never entered Schroeder’s property, according to the report.

While Schroeder was yelling at the men, he was brandishing what was later determined to be a Kimber 1911 firearm, and ended up pointing the barrel at the chests of the three men, according to the report.

The deputies contacted Schroeder and found him to be in possession of the firearm and was then placed under arrest, according to the report.

Schroeder’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

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Using a gun to protect people from taking things form what you think to be your property is one thing but stopping people from bringing things ONTO your property? Also if you are going to brandish a firearm you best know where your property lines start and end.


You draw a gun to save your or an innocent life, not as a punctuation point to an argument. Here's a perfect candidate for a life long band for owning firearms.

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