Winlock Hires Lauren Dumoulin as Fastpitch Coach


Winlock announced its hiring of Lauren Dumoulin as the Cardinals’ new fastpitch coach in a press release Friday afternoon.

Dumoulin is no stranger to the fastpitch scene in Lewis County. A 2010 Centralia High School grad, Dumoulin was a back-to-back 2A Evergreen Conference MVP in 2009 and 2010 as a catcher and went on to a noteworthy career at Fairfield University.

After earning a teaching degree at Seattle University, she went on to take over as head coach for Class 4A Mount Si High School in the vaunted Kingco Athletic Conference, which includes some of the best softball teams in the state.

“It’s about as tough as it gets,” Dumoulin said. “They usually send the eventual state champion onto the state tournament.”

Dumoulin spent four years coaching Mount Si softball before stepping down in 2019. She’s also offered private lessons and clinics over the years, including some in Lewis County.

She’s currently teaching at Winlock Miller Elementary School, and made the decision to apply for the Winlock fastpitch job just a week ago, right after the position was posted. She had been yearning to get back into coaching and wasn’t sure when the next opportunity would arrive, so she jumped at the chance to take over the Cardinals.

She was interviewed Wednesday, was hired by Athletic Director Nick Bamer on Thursday and is now looking forward to embarking on this new journey.

“I’m really excited to get back into coaching a team in this area,” Dumoulin said. “Lewis County is home. I grew up with all the teams around here. I’m really excited about taking it on in Winlock… it’s been a good fit. I feel like it’s a new home for me.”

Coming down from Class 4A to Class 2B may seem like an easy transition, but Dumoulin is well aware that Lewis County contains the best 2B softball teams in the state, year in and year out. The 2019 state title game featured two Lewis County teams squaring off (Adna vs. Pe Ell-Willapa Valley).

“The 2B has always been competitive down here,” Dumoulin said. “I’ve always admired some of the programs we’ve had in the 2B down here. They’re very impressive for being such small schools.”

She has little time to get situated and acquainted with her players, and has only met a few of them, so far. It won’t be long, however. Winlock’s first practice is March 15 and the Cardinals’ first game is scheduled for March 22.

“It’s going to be kind of a whirlwind,” Dumoulin said. “I’m just really excited to meet my team. I know I’ve got a couple great assistant coaches that are going to be working with me. I’m looking forward to the competition. I know it’s going to be tough sledding against some of these tough 2B teams. But I’m looking forward to it and providing a good opportunity for the kids to get out and have some fun.”