Victim Refuses to Give Police Info After Being Assaulted in Downtown Olympia


Police were called to intervene in an assault Monday night near the transit center in downtown Olympia. When they arrived, they got little information about what had happened.

Around 6:30 p.m., Olympia Police received a call from an anonymous source who said there was a man being assaulted at State Avenue and Adams Street. When police arrived, they found just one person who appeared to be the victim.

According to Police Sgt. Paul Frailey, police found the man unconscious in an alley on Fourth Avenue. He had some obvious signs of being assaulted, but when he woke up, he refused to cooperate with officers or give them information, Frailey said.

The man eventually gave police a name, but it turned out to be fake. Frailey said the department still doesn't know who the man is.

The man would not cooperate with fire crews when they arrived on the scene either. But after some convincing, the man eventually agreed to be taken to Providence St. Peter Hospital for treatment of his injuries, Frailey said.