USS Normandy Commanding Officer Fired During Deployment


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Navy fired the commanding officer of a Norfolk-based warship Tuesday in the middle of its deployment amid a criminal investigation.

Simon McKeon, captain of the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy, was relieved of his duties “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command,” the Navy said in a news release Wednesday.

While the release offered few details of why McKeon was relieved of duty, U.S. 2nd Fleet spokeswoman Cmdr. Lara Bollinger said the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating McKeon. Bollinger did not provide further details on the investigation.

McKeon held the position for just eight months before he was fired. He has since been temporarily reassigned to the staff of the commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic.

Capt. Gary Chase is serving as the Normandy’s temporary commanding officer until a new captain is identified.

The Normandy is in the middle of a two-month-long deployment with the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group. The Navy said there will be no impacts to mission or schedule due to McKeon’s relief.