Two Pit Bulls Shot in Toledo After Attacking Dog; One Killed


One pit bull was killed and another was shot after they attacked a German shepherd on a neighbor’s property Thursday.

According to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday at approximately 5:45 a.m. a 29-year-old man from Toledo heard dogs growling in his front yard. He found his German shepherd pinned down by the neighbor’s two pit bulls. One of the pit bulls was biting the dog’s neck, while the other one was on top of the German shepherd biting his hindquarters. 

After attempts to scare the dogs failed, the man went into his house and retrieved his shotgun. He fired one warning shot, and when the dogs continued their attack, he shot at each of the pit bulls. Although the dogs retreated, one returned and approached the man. 

The dog was shot and killed.

The investigation revealed the action was justified because there was no evidence that the German shepherd left the property when the attack occurred. 

The pit bulls’ owner, a 39-year-old Toledo man, said his son left the gate open, allowing the dogs to escape. He said he understood why the dogs were shot. The German shepherd is currently in critical condition and was taken to a veterinarian to be treated. No human injuries were reported.