Two new officers sworn in at Centralia Police Department


The Centralia Police Department welcomed two new officers on Tuesday, April 23, as Centralia Police Chief Denham introduced and swore in officers Alan Bowers and Emmet Woods during the Centralia City Council meeting.

Denham first introduced Bowers, who is fresh off of his graduation from Washington’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy. He was born in San Diego, California, and grew up in Yelm after his family moved there. He attended Yelm High School.

He went on to get his associate degree from Brigham Young University Idaho and his bachelor’s degree from Utah State University. Originally, Bowers was pursuing a career in medicine.

“He started going down that road but decided it wasn’t what he wanted to do,” Dehnam said. “... Alan told me that there’s really a lot of reasons why he chose law enforcement, but the main reason is he has a passion to serve, and he has a passion to serve his community. Now he grew up in Yelm, however, he spent a lot of time in Centralia, and he considers Centralia actually a place he can call home.”

Dehnam added that Bowers enjoys spending time outdoors, especially kayaking and hiking. After being sworn in, Bowers had his badge pinned on by his parents, Chuck and Lupe Bowers.

Originally born in Limerick, Ireland, Emmet Woods was raised in the U.S. after his family immigrated to San Diego in 1989 before eventually moving to Bellingham.

Woods attended Green River Community College. He met his wife, Sheena Woods, in Seattle.

“Sheena used to work for the police department not too long ago, and we’re still trying to steal her back as well,” Denham said.

Prior to getting into law enforcement, Woods worked in bars and restaurants while also coaching high school baseball in Seattle.

“While living in Seattle, the media and community were calling for changes in law enforcement, which inspired him to begin his career in law enforcement,” Denham said.

He started with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office in 2016. He moved to Alabama in 2022 to work with Madison County Sheriff’s Office before deciding to move back to Washington and applying at the Centralia Police Department.

Woods also enjoys the outdoors along with baseball, mowing his lawn and whatever activities his kids want to do. After being sworn in, Woods had his badge pinned on by his wife, Sheena, and their children, Rory and Reese.

With the addition of these two new officers, the Centralia Police Department now has 28, with one more expected by this summer to get the department up to its fully-budgeted staff of 29 officers.

However, Denham told The Chronicle that not all 28 current officers are on duty as some are still going through training. Additionally, four officers are eligible for retirement this year and could leave the department.

Before both officers were sworn in, Dehnam had them both read the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

“I have the officers read the code of ethics because it’s important for them to remember who they serve and how we should conduct ourselves in the worst possible environments,” Denham said.

“It’s also a reminder to you and every community member the trust that is given to us to keep you safe while still adhering to these codes.”

To read the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, visit