Trial in Rape Case Involving Rappers ‘Lil Mosey,’ ‘Band Kid Jay’ Begins


After two years of delays, trial for rappers Lathan Moses Echols and Joshua Darrow, who perform under the stage names “Lil Mosey” and “Band Kid Jay,” respectively, began Tuesday in Lewis County Superior Court. 

The two face second-degree rape charges for allegedly having sex with the victim at a party in Randle on Jan. 6, 2020 while she was incapable of consenting due to intoxication. 

The charges carry maximum penalties of life in prison. 

A third man charged in the case, Francisco Prater, will face trial separately due to witness statements affecting Prater’s case specifically that required further follow-up investigation by his defense attorney. That trial date had not been set as of Wednesday. 

Charges against Echols, 20, and Prater, 19, were filed in April 2021, while Darrow, 20, was charged in June 2021. 

The victim reportedly told police she had gone to a party in Randle to see Echols, consumed alcohol and eventually blacked out. Echols and Prater are accused of having sex with her “while she was incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated,” according to court documents. Darrow is accused of restraining the alleged victim during the incident.

The first day of the trial consisted of jury selection, opening statements and testimony from the victim. The defense’s cross-examination of the alleged victim began Wednesday. 

Judge James Lawler is presiding, with Deputy Prosecutor Paul Masiello prosecuting on behalf of the state and defense attorneys Shane O’Rourke and John Polito representing Echols and Darrow, respectively. 

Nine days have been set aside for the trial, with an end date of Friday, March 3.