Trespasser on Train Tracks Delays Amtrak in Chehalis; Incident Caught on Worldwide Livestream


Nearly 150 livestream viewers worldwide watched as a trespasser walking on the railroad tracks near Chehalis and delayed Amtrak #11 Coast Starlight on its route from Seattle to Los Angeles on Tuesday. 

“This is the third day in a row where (people) caused train delays due to active trespassing,” a community member informed The Chronicle on Tuesday. 

The livestream was run by Virtual Railfan, a network of over 100 cameras posted at different railroads worldwide intended to let viewers watch trains virtually. 

One of those cameras is located at the Lewis County Historical Museum in Chehalis. 

The camera caught a “clearly impaired individual” walking in front of the train for nearly two miles on the track while the Amtrak train itself moved at 3 mph to keep its distance, according to the community member. 

“Although law enforcement was advised, we do not know if he was contacted,” they said. 

The incident was not included in the Chehalis Police Department’s call log for the day.

See the video feed here: