Toledo Saturday Market Kicks off a New South Lewis County Tradition


    TOLEDO — Over the past six months the town of Toledo has suffered several bad shocks that have rocked the town. Saturday the town received another shock, this time for the good.

    “I can’t believe how many people showed up for our first day!” exclaimed Tonya Lovell, one of the organizers of the new Toledo Saturday Market.

    Downtown Toledo was buzzing with excitement and filled with shoppers perusing the goods at Toledo’s first outdoor market on Saturday. The market — featuring local farmers, plant nurseries, craftsmen and artists — will be open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays through September, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Local celebrity artist Ron Smith did a brisk business with his Recycled Ranch Relics ( Rusty yard art cows, chickens, birds, dogs, cats and more disappeared quickly from underneath the awning.

    “I’m trying to slow down,” Smith said, “I’m 74 years old.”

    But Smith has orders to fill over the next couple of weeks and the heavy traveling season starts soon.

    “I’ve got one that wants 40 and another one that wants to buy another 40 items,” said Smith. “I’m going to try and take a week off next week before I come back here again.”

    Smith has sold to actress Demi Moore and singer Tanya Tucker and has a photograph album filled with pictures; he can show you what they bought.

    Anita Chatham did a brisk business with her $2 pots of Lily of the Valley plants.

    “I had an overgrowth of them, I thought I’d rather share them than till them under,” Chatham said.

    Chatham plans to be back at the market on June 11 with more product — jewelry, plants and much more, she said.

    Vendors with watercolor paintings, detailed wildlife oil paintings, handcrafted pots, custom sewing, glass mosaics and glittering jewelry filled tables across the market.

    In one corner the Side Kicks, a local country and western band crooned while a pair of fancy-footed lovers danced and several sat and swayed to the rhythm of the festive music.

    “We didn’t want to overdo it,” said Lovell. “Now I’m wondering if we should have been open every Saturday.”


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