Thurston County Robbery Suspect Allegedly Robs Same Store Again After Being Released From Jail


An Olympia man suspected of robbing a Bethel Street convenience store on March 22 allegedly robbed the same store Tuesday after being released from jail.

Police arrested the 39-year-old man for the second time outside his residence on the 1400 block of Tullis Avenue Northeast, according to the jail log. He's accused of second-degree robbery in two cases involving the nearby store.

Court records filed by prosecutors indicate an Olympia police officer broke the man's car window and pepper sprayed him and another officer tased him as he tried to flee on Tuesday.

Officers reportedly took those actions because the man allegedly resisted arrest after the first incident on March 22.

In the first incident, the man reportedly entered the store and demanded money with one hand in his pants pocket. He allegedly pushed an employee to the ground and took a pack of cigarettes before fleeing the scene.

The employee told police he couldn't see what the man had in his pocket, but he feared it may have been a gun, according to court records.

Officers later located him at his residence and attempted to detain him. However, court records allege he struggled against the officers and attempted to roll away and kick them.

He attended his preliminary appearance in Thurston County Superior Court on March 23. Judge Sharonda Amamilo found probable cause for second-degree robbery, but she allowed him to be released on his personal recognizance, according to court records.

She also ordered he have no contact with the convenience store or the employee he allegedly assaulted.

Yet he reportedly returned to the store on Tuesday. The same employee from the March 22 incident told police the man demanded money and cigarettes.

The man allegedly pushed the employee again and took a pack of cigarettes and $11.39, according to court records.

Police later found the man in his car outside his residence. This time they attempted to contact him through a loudspeaker. Instead of following their commands, the man allegedly started smoking a cigarette, rolled up his car windows and locked the doors.

In response, officers forced him out of the vehicle with pepper spray and tased him as he tried to run towards his front door. The man fell to the ground and officers placed him a restraint to transport him to the county jail.