Supposed Sasquatch sighting near Grand Mound investigated by Bigfoot researchers


The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) reported and investigated a recent sighting of a Sasquatch-like creature north of Centralia. 

According to one witness, who was riding motorcycles with his friend and his 3-and-a-half-year-old son on Feb. 4, the group spotted something running across a ridgetop about a half mile away.

"It was very large and human-shaped," the man's report to the BFRO said. "There was one color, tan/brown, moving across very rugged terrain, making a bee line for the tree line."

The three of them watched the figure for 30 seconds before it went out of sight.

"It moved so fluently with little arm movement, unlike a human running," the witness said. "It easily was 10 feet tall for us to be able to see it from so far away."

The witness reported the sighting to the BFRO on Feb. 8. 

BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor followed up with an investigation of his own.

Taylor said that the area is well known for bigfoot sightings and seems to be a travel corridor between the Capitol Forest and the Bald Hill area.

"Based on the description of the way this creature walked and its speed across the terrain, I believe that these three witnesses were fortunate to see a sasquatch," Taylor noted.

Another investigator, Matt Moneymaker, also talked with a witness at length. Moneymaker noted that Feaster's hobby is motorcycle trail riding, which has allowed him to explore a lot of backcountry.

"He has observed large animals and humans, near and far, while riding around in the hills over the years," Moneymaker said. "This figure was observed at a half-mile distance but with an unobstructed view as it moved along out in the open. Both he and his riding companion were certain they were watching something that was upright and roughly 10 feet tall."

Moneymaker said if the figure was human, the witness and his friend would have figured that out. The figure they saw was simply too big to be human, he said.

The investigator points out that wildlife naturally transits between the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula and then the Cascade Mountains.

This is the first sasquatch sighting listed for Lewis County on the BFRO website since December 2023.

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