Steinholding, Bowling and a New Swiss Miss: Results From the Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society’s 53rd Oktoberfest


The 53rd annual Oktoberfest was hosted by the Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society at Swiss Hall in Frances on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Featured at the annual event was an outdoor, traditional Swiss-style, nine-pin bowling tournament, a horseshoes tournament and a pinochle tournament.

The evening concluded with the coronation of a new Swiss Miss.

Grace Huber was crowned Swiss Miss for 2022 to 2023. Huber was raised in Frances, just across the road from the Swiss Park. She has attended every Schwingfest since she was born.  Her great-grandmother, Hermina Muller, was born in Goldau, Switzerland. She immigrated to the United States, where she met Joseph Huber, who was born in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Huber’s grandparents are Geri and Adolph Huber and her parents are Steve and Brandi Huber. 

Huber wore a vintage dirndl (a traditional Swiss dress) that was originally purchased in Switzerland by Lydia Taylor, and also worn by Gayle Russell, the very first Swiss Miss for the Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society. 

Lydia Taylor is Huber’s grandpa Adolph’s first cousin. Her mom was Annue Rangle. She and great-grandma Hermina Huber were sisters.



Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society’s 53rd Oktoberfest Results

Women’s Bowling

First: Kristi Kaech

Second: Kim Porter

Third: Mendy Wilkeson

Men’s Bowling

First: Trevor Cook

Second: Dave Williams

Third: Jason Hodel 


Booby Prize: Rob Gwerder



First: Phil Kaech

Second: Paul Wilkeson

Third: Alex Muller

Women’s Steinholding

First: Brandi Huber


Men’s Steinholding:

First: Chad Boone



First: Sunny Schilter

Second: Linda Capps

Third: Dale Rutherford