Stacy Brown Reflects on 20 Years with Sheriff’s Office, New Challenge as Chief


As Chief Deputy Stacy Brown cleared out her office at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office this week, she found a few forgotten treasures — thank-you cards from crime victims, an apology from a suspect, and her first Sheriff’s Office log book, dated May, 1996.

“I totally remember that feeling of driving off in the patrol car my first time without an FTO (field-training officer),” she said. “I can still feel that excitement.”

On Sept. 12, Brown will take over as the new chief of the Evergreen State College Police Department. She has worked at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office for the past 20 years — spending the past seven as its chief deputy of the Special Services bureau.

“It’s been emotional this week, but I’m so excited,” she told The Chronicle Thursday.

Dusty Breen, formerly a captain at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, has been named Brown’s replacement as chief deputy of the Sheriff’s Office’s Special Services bureau.

“I’m definitely excited,” Breen said. “There’s big shoes to fill with her leaving.”

Breen and Chief Bruce Kimsey will share public information officer duties, Breen said.

Brown said this week that she’s been looking for an opportunity to apply for chief positions for some time.

“In the last 7 years, I’ve really had a great opportunity to learn about being an administrator,” Brown said. “It’s just that time now where I’m ready to put what I’ve learned to use in my own department.”

She was looking for opportunities close to home, making the Evergreen job a perfect fit, she said.

“It’s a completely different style of law enforcement … a completely different culture,” she said. “I have really been ready for a challenge for a long time.”

The college’s police department focusses heavily on student safety and education, she said, making it more community oriented than other types of police or sheriff’s departments.

Brown is already familiar with Evergreen, as she received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the college in 2006.

“I have an awesome team already in place there,” she said.

Brown said she’s looking forward to engaging with students and the diverse community around Evergreen. She will also oversee dispatch and parking at the college.

“I’m also excited too for personal growth,” she said.

Brown said she’s proud of her time with the Sheriff’s Office. As a Chief Deputy and public information officer, she has been involved with programs such as Shop With a Cop, Sheriff’s Office Day in the Life events, Pope’s Kids’ Place, and the United Way.

She started the Sheriff’s Office Facebook and social media campaigns as well, which she said have become an important tool to interact with the community.

“That has been a lot of work,” she said. “It’s kind of become the help desk for the Sheriff’s Office.”

Leaving Lewis County will be bittersweet, but Brown said she is excited for her future at Evergreen.

“I chose Lewis County and I don’t regret it,” she said. “I’ve truly enjoyed my time here.”