Son Uses Skateboard to Stop Woman Attacking His Mom With Hatchet, Washington Cops Say


When a woman with a hatchet started attacking a mother and son, the son grabbed his skateboard, Washington police said.

The woman began yelling at the mom and son Saturday night after they picked up a $1 bill from the ground in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, the Seattle Police Department said. The woman swung a hatchet at them, cutting the 40-year-old son on his shin, police said.

“The man then struck the suspect in the head with his skateboard allowing the two victims to escape,” police said Sunday in a news release.

The son needed to go to a hospital for his injuries. The 64-year-old mom did not have severe injuries and refused medical attention, police said.

Officials also took the woman to the hospital because she had a head wound, police said. She will be booked in the King County Jail after her release.

The Seattle Police Department did not identify the woman, mother or son.


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