Some Gifford Pinchot Campgrounds Closed Fourth of July Weekend


Gifford Pinchot National Forest reports some campgrounds in Lewis and Klickitat counties are not open this Fourth of July weekend due to lingering snow and hazardous trees. The campgrounds are located within the Cowlitz Valley Ranger District.

Walupt Lake Campground and Horse Camp near Randle; Cody & Keenes Horse Camps near Randle; Horseshoe Lake near Randle; Killen Creek near the Mt. Adams Wilderness and Trout Lake; Soda Springs near Packwood; Olallie Lake near Randle and Packwood; and Takhlakh Lake Campgrounds near Randle and Packwood are not open.

Some trailheads, such as Berry Patch Trailhead near Randle and Packwood and trailheads above about 4,000 feet in elevations, can also not be accessed due to snow.