Snaza Joins 36 Sheriffs Backing Second Amendment, Constitution

Document: Focus on Second Amendment Mirrors That of County, Local Cities


Days after Lewis County passed its own “Citizens’ Rights” proclamation at the behest of Sheriff Rob Snaza, Snaza joined sheriffs across the state in signing another resolution reaffirming the constitution and specifically highlighting the Second Amendment.

The Washington State Sheriffs’ Association document was signed by 37 county sheriffs — all but King County’s Mitzi Johanknecht — and describes the U.S. Constitution as “divinely inspired.”

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza, twin brother of Rob Snaza, was also among those to sign the document.

“Prompted by increasing public concern to safeguard constitutional rights,” the document describes the sheriffs’ “individual and collective duty to defend all of the constitutional rights of our citizens.”

The Second Amendment, however — like many “Second Amendment sanctuary” proclamations popping up across the U.S. — is of particular focus.

“We understand the destructive influences currently existing in our country will only relent when women and men everywhere genuinely care for each other,” the document reads. “We must rely on Providence and care deeply about preserving the Constitution and its freedom in order to be a strong and prosperous people.”

Snaza pushed Lewis County to become a “Second Amendment sanctuary” earlier this year, citing proposed gun control measures. The conservative sheriff claimed he was “not trying to make this a political statement,” later urging county commissioners to adopt the proclamation, saying “the other side is not afraid to offend us or create laws to come after us.”

Snaza was among a slew of sheriffs in 2019 who refused to actively enforce I-1639, a voter-approved gun control measure later upheld as constitutional by the courts. The law raised the legal semi-automatic assault rifle purchase age to 21 and enhanced background checks. In a statement this week, Snaza said he is “proud to be a part of such a great movement when our constitutional rights are being challenged.”