Sleepy Driver Crashes Semi-Truck Into RV Sales Center Near Grand Mound, Troopers Say


Northbound drivers passing through Grand Mound on Interstate 5 may notice a semi-truck with a trailer rolled into a recreational vehicle sales park.

At 4:51 a.m. Wednesday, the semi-truck crashed into a parked RV as he attempted to take the ramp from I-5 to State Route 12, said Trooper Robert Reyer. Troopers responded to the scene at 5:09 a.m. and the driver was transported to Providence Family Medicine in Chehalis with minor injuries, he said.

Troopers believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel, Reyer said. No other people were injured in the collision.

Though the collision occurred from the ramp, Reyer said the ramp was not closed. The semi-truck traveled far enough into the sales park to allow traffic to continue using the ramp, he said.

The semi trailer, which contained produce, fell over on its side. The owner of the sales park has agreed to allow the semi-truck to be towed from the property rather than through the ramp, Reyer said.

“We’re not expecting any backups on the ramp,” he said. “We are trying to clear it as quickly as possible to create as little impact on traffic as possible.”

As a reminder, Reyer said drivers should not drive when they are drowsy.

“To everybody out there driving a car, if you’re drowsy or tired, don’t drive,” he said. “This is what can happen.”