Seven Washington Juvenile Escapees Now in Custody, Including Four Arrested in Clark County


All seven teenagers who escaped from a Snoqualmie, Washington, juvenile detention center Sunday have been found and taken into custody – with three of them arrested in Clark County, the sheriff’s office said.

The teens, ranging from 15 to 17 years old, assaulted a staffer at the King County facility, stole an SUV and fled just after midnight that morning.

By Sunday night, three of the teens and the stolen SUV had been located in Burien, a Seattle suburb about 30 miles from Echo Glen Children’s Center, the medium/maximum-security facility bordered by natural wetlands. One of them, Timothy Hernandez-Ebanks, was convicted of a murder in Burien when he was 13. Hernandez-Ebanks, now 16, previously escaped from Echo Glen with three other teens in January 2022.

On Monday night, a family member of one of the escaped teens called 911 to report that the remaining four escapees were at their home near Walnut Grove Park in Vancouver. The teens’ criminal histories included convictions for murder, assault and robbery.

The family member told the teens to leave, and they did, leading deputies to search the neighborhood in unmarked cars while two unmanned aircraft scanned the area from above, according to the sheriff’s office. Deputies found the group on foot near Northeast 76th Avenue and 61st Way.

The Southwest Washington Regional SWAT team helped arrest the teens, who tried to flee when they noticed police.

Three were arrested by deputies and Vancouver police, while the fourth made it back to the family member’s house, where he was taken into custody.

The four teens were booked at Clark County’s Juvenile Detention Hall.

Authorities released the names of five out of the seven juveniles who escaped. In addition to Hernandez-Ebanks, they included Diego Torres-Topete, Daniel D. Navarro, Jessy J.L Krikorian Jr., and Ramon P. Chaves Jr.