Sean Swope commentary: Upholding our freedom — support mask mandate ban resolution


As whispers of new mandates circulate, we find ourselves reflecting on the strenuous journey we endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we stand at a pivotal moment, where we have the opportunity to reaffirm our dedication to the personal freedoms that seemed perilously fragile not too long ago. 

Resolution 23-304 emerges as a powerful testament to our determination to shield our community’s valued liberties. I wish to delineate why backing this resolution is not just the right course of action, but a critical stance to cultivate a promising future that honors the autonomy at the heart of our community’s spirit.

Our great nation was forged on the indelible principles of personal freedom and individual choice. This resolution is a beacon of these principles, asserting that each citizen retains the right to make autonomous health decisions without the overreach of government interventions. It champions the call for respect toward individual perspectives and personal risk assessments, particularly with regard to the usage of masks.

The mandates of the past cast a long shadow on our frontline heroes, forcing them into untenable situations and demanding immense personal sacrifices. These policies were the cause of personal tragedies — a single mom nurse found herself needing to relocate to preserve her livelihood, a firefighter had to alter his career path drastically to safeguard his family’s home, among countless other heart-wrenching narratives. 

Today, we are presented with the opportunity to stand with these resilient individuals, ensuring that they are not coerced into making such distressing decisions in the future. Resolution 23-304 is our unified vow to support, nurture and retain the brave individuals who selflessly serve us, promising to prevent a mass exodus of these heroes due to unjust mandates.

As we chart our course forward, nurturing a dialogue grounded in scientific evidence is pivotal. This resolution embodies this ideal, referencing comprehensive research from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, fostering a conversation that is both rational and informed, a far cry from fear-driven rhetoric.

As one of your county commissioners, I am steadfastly committed to safeguarding the liberties that breathe life into our community. The Mask Mandate Ban Resolution 23-304 is not just a piece of paper; it is a resounding declaration, a pledge to vehemently protect our individual freedoms and personal choices against any encroachments.

I extend an open invitation for you to join us in supporting Resolution 23-304, a fervent affirmation of our community’s resilience and a vow to vigorously defend the liberties that have molded the proud and self-governing society of Lewis County. Together, we stride forward, prepared to defend our cherished rights and sculpt a future that both respects personal choices and nurtures the unity and strength of our community.


Sean Swope is a Republican serving as a Lewis County commissioner in District 1.