Reckless Burning Blamed for Structure Fire in Centralia Sunday 


According to the Centralia Police Department, a transient male was in a vacant home on Alder Street in Centralia trying to stay warm Sunday morning when a small fire he set in a bedroom where he was sleeping burned out of control. 

Another male found him sleeping and woke him up to get him out of the building, according to officers at the scene. 

Residents in the area reported the fire. Both men who were in the residence were located and questioned by authorities.

“We determined it was reckless burning because it was not a safe area where he lit the fire in the house,” said Detective Sergeant Dave Clary. “It’s worth noting these type of instances start to happen more frequently when the weather gets cold, and it’s never a safe option.”

The fire occurred between 8:30 and 9 a.m. Sunday.

Centralia police believe the abandoned building is owned by the Port of Centralia and is set for demolition for the Centralia Station development.