Readers’ reactions vary to the news that a Sonic Drive-In is officially coming to town:


Christina Mae Wolf: So glad so many folks are excited about this new addition to Chehalis. New business and new offerings for our community are always a good thing. I do sometimes wish, though, that all new business offerings, including locally and independently owned businesses, would receive as much publicity and attention as national chains. It is the independent business owners that bring the true life and vitality to the community and what makes us unique. I, personally, won’t be partaking in Sonic’s new offerings — but I definitely plan to check out the new addition to Chehalis, The Pearl Cafe. Just saying.

Jennifer Faldyn Woodford: My daughter is stoked. I grew up on Sonic in the South so used to it but my kid thinks they are the bomb. They do have awesome drink combos.

Ashley Smothers Haworth: Oh my gosh!!! Yay!!! I’m so happy.

Randy L Roadz: Meh.

Readers express their thoughts after the news of a man being killed by a train as he walked along the tracks in Centralia Thursday:

Jennifer K. Keen: Sad! This happens way too often.

Shannon Lorraine Perkins: Devastating.

Kathy Dan: Walking on the tracks with his back to the oncoming train? Was this a suicide? So sad.

Chronline Comments

• Story: Mossyrock, Riverside Fire Departments Seek Approval From Voters

Username: THEMANN

Good luck to both districts that are asking for your votes. I will be voting YES on Centralia’s. These are a bunch of great guys and have treated my family great over the years. From the time it was known as Fords Prairie Fire Station to today in the city of Centralia. Thanks to these guys my mom is still with me today. With numerous trips here when mom has had her heart attacks, strokes and breaking her hip. To coming to Walmart when mom had her second one there. Thanks guys and I will be voting YES for you.

• Story: Pedestrian Struck, Killed by

Train in Downtown Centralia

Username: BBen

Walking ON the tracks (must have been, the train didn’t jump OFF the tracks just to hit him)?? Then he’s a TRESPASSER. Yes, this is a harsh penalty for trespassing but he should NOT have been there. What we don’t know is whether he compounded his error by listening to music on headphones while walking on the tracks. And if he did it intentionally, as in suicide, how cruel and inconsiderate of him to involve other human beings.


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