Ralph Joseph Neer: 1953-2020


Ralph Joseph Neer passed away Oct.28, 2020. He was born May 8, 1953, at St. Helens Hospital, to Roy Ralph and Ann (Wagner) Neer. He was the only boy of six children and grew up on a cattle ranch near Mary's Corner, south of Chehalis.

Ralph began logging at a very young age with his father, and later had his own logging outfit for many years. Ralph married Sylvia Gardner at St. Francis Mission in 1972. His daughter, Therese, was a product of that union. During the time when Therese was small, Ralph went to Alaska to help with the building of the oil pipeline in the 1970's.

Ralph returned to Washington and went back to work with his own logging company. He created jobs for many young men that were close to him, working in a very dangerous industry.

Ralph never worried much about anything. He would just crack a joke and find a solution to any problem that came his way. Ralph loved his friends and would do anything for the people and animals in his life. Ralph and and Sylvia were divorced in the early 1980's.

Ralph later began dating a beautiful bank loan officer and after they were married, they owned K-Neer Logging. Kathryn Neer had three children from previous marriages, Mike who was pretty much an adult, and Andrea and Jared Hansen, whom Ralph raised from their early teen years.

Ralph and Kathy always welcomed friends to camp at their beautiful river place South of Bucoda. For years, the Garbe's Tavern Picnic was held at their place. During most of his adulthood, Ralph worked on and off for N. Fork Valley Paving, owned by his cousin and close friend, John Trodahl.

In the years before his death, Ralph enjoyed greatly working at Cascade Trader as a mechanic and he was very well respected by them. Ralph was a hard working man of honor. His word was his bound and a hand shake was better than a written contract with most loggers.

Ralph was preceded in death by his wife of 34 years, Kathryn Neer, who passed away from cancer Aug. 24, 2020; and sisters, Ellen and Jane.

He is survived by sisters, Beebe (Kathryn) in Florida, Annie Vasaulauskas and Maggie Hennessy of Lewis County; daughter, Therese Blinks; stepchildren, Mike, Jared and Andrea; granddaughters, Madison and Reice Hammons of Centralia, whom he raised and loved more than life itself; and precious Aniah, two years old, Ralph's great-grandchild, also of Centralia.

A potluck memorial was held Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, at their river place on the Skookumchuck.

~ Sasquatch, Rest In Peace ~