Police Say Thurston County Man Hit, Killed Woman With Car After Shootout With Oregon Police


An Olympia man is believed to have gotten in a shootout with police in Oregon and taken them on a chase that resulted in him running over a pedestrian.

According to a release from Oregon State Police (OSP), 47-year-old Sean Beck of Olympia was in Keizer, Oregon on Wednesday night. Police say they received a call for a suspicious vehicle behind a business in the area.

When officers arrived on scene, they said one of two adult males exchanged gunfire with officers before taking off in a vehicle. It is not currently known who fired first. The other man stayed behind and was cooperative.

Police say that while attempting to flee, Beck struck and killed a pedestrian with his vehicle who was crossing the street near an intersection. Following the hit and run, police say they managed to stop his vehicle. Beck surrendered after a short standoff and was taken to an area hospital with several gunshot wounds.

All officers involved have been placed on administrative leave and the incident will be investigated by OSP. The pedestrian Beck struck, 64-year-old Becky Dietzel of Salem, sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a Saturday post on Facebook, Keizer Chief of Police John Teague offered his condolences.

“I think it’s important to pause and observe that the greatest tragedy in this incident, by far, is the death of Ms. Dietzel,” Teague said. “Due to the investigation, I am not at liberty to expound upon her circumstances or their grief.”

Teague also said that Beck was still in the hospital and that “charges are forthcoming.”