Photos: Law Enforcement Celebrated at ‘Back the Blue’ Event in Adna



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Police state

Public opinion shifts 10% after legalization. Public outrage of needless police deaths; internet access to news or videos that have been censored in the past by news networks abc, nbc and fox and these “secure career fields” are drying up. The police state failed. Many law enforcement officers and college grads will have to retrain. Just goes to show you that this is the first time free press has been a reality in this country since it’s inception and the govt is rejecting it, while attempting its same old spin on things to keep things from falling apart. Lies keep people safe. Policemen don’t. Guns are a lie. Most wont even have access to them when the time comes. More police officers or throwing more money at the problem won’t help. The ones that are don’t even know how to handle crime properly.The Officer Dickwad routine of giving speeding tickets and taking over an hour to respond to a call. Goddammit defund this useless entitlement of elevated citizenry. Do your damn job quit asking for raises and drive a clapped out crown Vic for all I care.

Tuesday, September 28

I was unaware there was a lack of support for law enforcement in Lewis County. I'm sure OUR TIME and OUR TAX DOLLARS could be put to much better use than the clearly political messaging being promoted by our LEO. This is wrong on so many levels.

Wednesday, September 29