'Over 100 Uncontrollable’ People Flee Thurston County Party; Child Struck by Truck’s Mirror


More than 100 people were present at an “out of control” party at a residence near the Four Corners intersection Saturday, May 23. The large crowd dispersed as officers from the Yelm Police Department and the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

At least one injury was reported in connection with the party, according to a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office report.

A 13-year-old child was struck by the mirror of a dark, flatbed pickup truck that was driving away from the area, according to Yelm Police Chief Todd Stancil. The child was transported to Providence St. Peter. At the time, the child was bleeding from the mouth but conscious and breathing normally.

The mirror was located 14 feet away. It had a Ford logo, according to Yelm police.

Stancil said the department is still working to identify the driver of the truck.

Deputies were dispatched to a complaint of a loud party in the 17500 block of Seagull Lane Southeast at about 11:23 p.m. It was reported that members of the party were using the Yelm Crossroads Community Covenant Church lot as a park-and-walk location, according to an incident report from Deputy Joshua Crosby.

“I responded and arrived on scene around 2327 hours. Upon arrival, I observed over 100 uncontrollable subjects in the front yard and inside the residence with lots of alcohol involved,” Crosby wrote. “As soon as I pulled up in my marked patrol vehicle, I heard someone yell ‘cops’ to warn everybody of my presence at the party.”

Party attendees immediately began disbanding, according to Crosby’s report. As soon as people noticed their presence, officers saw “the majority of the 100+ members flood into the streets and flee to their vehicles,” according to the deputy’s report.

During the party, a neighbor’s fence was reportedly pushed over. The neighbor did not want to press charges, the deputy noted.

Yelm officers were shortly after dispatched from the residence at Seagull Lane to the corner of Mountain View Road Southeast and 91st Avenue where the 13-year-old child was struck by the truck’s mirror.

No arrests were made by either the Yelm Police Department or Thurston County deputies following the incident.