‘Murals, Museums & Sarsaparilla’ In Historic Downtown Centralia


The Centralia Downtown Festivals Association is hosting an event this Saturday called Murals, Museums & Sarsaparilla.

There will be a guided walking tour featuring the historic murals of downtown Centralia. Attendees will also be given passes to the King Agricultural Museum, Shady Lady Bordello Museum, the George & Mary Jane Washington Museum and America’s Team Museum.

Then, participants can make their way to Flourish Cafe to share pie and sarsaparilla (root beer) with local historians including Edna Fund and Mary Dawn.

This event is free, but donations and tips at Flourish Cafe are appreciated.

To participate, head to Central Park at 215 N Tower Ave., Centralia, on Saturday at noon. Limited tickets are available.

The Centralia Downtown Festivals Association is composed of Sandy Walczyk, owner of Bath Depot, Barbra Salewsky from Salewsky’s Jewelry, Holly Ryan, owner of the Shady Lady, and Lauri O’Brien, a local supporter.

The association’s aim is to highlight the uniqueness of the historically intact downtown Centralia and to support the museums.

Ryan stated that all the museums featured are privately owned and operated, each taking no government funding. They are all locally curated and operated, making them, as Ryan puts it, “labors of love.”

Masks are required at the event.