Mother of Murder Suspects Pleads Guilty, Could Testify Against Sons


The mother of two suspects charged in the death of a Randle teen in June pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of first-degree rendering criminal assistance after she was accused of misleading investigators.

Kindra Adamson, 43, of Randle, as a condition of a plea bargain will likely be called by the state to testify against her sons, Benito S. Marquez, 16, and Jonathan R. Adamson, 21, who are being held on a $10 million bail in connection to the death of 16-year-old Ben Eastman III.

Also charged was Emma L. Brown, 20, of Glenoma — Jonathan Adamson’s fiancé — on two counts of first-degree rendering criminal assistance.

“So obviously, given the situation, (Benito) and Jonathan are our main focus, and so we see Mrs. Adamson as being able to help ensure that they’re held accountable, and, at the same time, she’s held accountable for her actions,” Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer told The Chronicle.

Jonathan Adamson and Marquez have made somber headlines repeatedly after being charged with first-degree murder, first-degree rape, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful disposal of remains.

Authorities say Eastman’s body was found in a shallow grave after being reported missing on June 27. Interviews with Marquez and Jonathan Adamson indicated the two had allegedly beaten Eastman to death after they had agreed earlier to go camping.

The two were arrested by Washington State Patrol on June 29 in Ellensburg.

According to court documents, investigators were told during interviews with the two suspects that they told Kindra Adamson that they killed Eastman. She was there, Jonathan Adamson told investigators, while they burned their clothes and destroyed evidence.

However, investigators said when they interviewed Kindra Adamson prior to learning that information she said she knew nothing about Eastman’s whereabouts.

“It is alleged the defendant, with intent to prevent, hinder, or delay the apprehension or prosecution of Benito Marquez and Jonathan Adamson who committed Class A felonies, prevented and/or obstructed, by use of deception, anyone from performing an act that might aid in the discovery or apprehension of Benito Marquez and Jonathan Adamson,” state court documents.

Kindra Adamson appeared in Lewis County Superior Court in custody and with her attorney, David Arcuri, Friday morning, where she responded, “Guilty,” when Judge Andrew Toynbee asked how she pleads to both counts of rendering criminal assistance, a felony.

As part of the plea agreement, if she follows all the conditions of her release, one of the felony counts would be knocked down to a misdemeanor, with a recommended sentence of credit for time served.

Marquez and Jonathan Adamson will appear next in court in October for trial setting. Brown has an omnibus hearing set for Aug. 23.