Meja Handlen Chosen as Interim Director of Lewis County Public Health & Social Services


After the recent resignation of former Lewis County Public Health & Social Services (LCPHSS) Director JP Anderson, Meja Handlen, an LCPHSS staff member, has been chosen as the interim director.

Before being appointed to the position, Handlen was the deputy director of social services and operations for the department, a section of Public Health’s work that covers behavioral health, employment programs for adults with developmental disabilities, housing and substance abuse prevention, among other issues.

As was first reported by KELA, Handlen said this week she was excited for the opportunity.

“It’s about adapting to what the community needs, seeing things that might not be on the horizon today, but in view for tomorrow,” she said. “Looking forward and making sure that our staff and our programs really reflect the values of the community members it’s trying to serve.”