Man Accused of Raping an 81-Year-Old in Cowlitz County


A 57-year-old Kelso man is charged with raping an 81-year-old person earlier this month.

Cowlitz County Prosecuting Attorney Ryan Jurvakainen told The Daily News that Shawn Allen McCoy is charged with one count of rape and is expected to be in Cowlitz County Superior Court at 2 p.m. Thursday.

A police report says McCoy raped an elderly person who he had a prior nonromantic connection with at the victim’s Kelso residence.

The report says officers received video footage from a doorbell camera showing the suspect leaving the person’s residence after the Nov. 14 assault. According to the police, the video has audio of faint voices of a person yelling out, “help,” “oh my god get off me,” “no,” and “please don’t.”

The victim told police the two bumped into each other at a store after not seeing each other in decades and they exchanged phone numbers. After a few social visits, on Nov. 14, McCoy sent a text message to the person asking if he could visit, and the person said yes.

A police report says, when McCoy arrived, he started to massage the person’s shoulders and neck, then shoved them to the couch.

The victim tried to escape McCoy by attempting to burn him with a lighter, and striking him with a computer tablet, but it didn’t stop him.

During the attack, the victim felt like they were having symptoms of a heart attack, which prompted McCoy to stop, according to the report. After he left, the victim crashed while driving to the hospital. Hospital staff said the person sustained broken ribs, but the victim told police they believe it was from the assault, not the crash, the report says.