Local Author Receives IndieBRAG Award for Book


Lisa Brunette, an author from Chehalis, has added to her list of acknowledgments thanks to another honorary IndieBRAG medallion. This time the award was affixed to Brunette’s book, “Bound to Truth,” which is the third installation in her Dreamslippers series. All three of the books in the series have now received the IndieBRAG medallion.

The award is a noted mark of excellence in the self-publishing industry and is awarded to no more than 25 percent of all books submitted for the honor.

“We’re thrilled to award a third medallion to Lisa Brunette,” said indieBRAG President Geri Clouston, in a press release. “‘Bound to the Truth’ stood out to our reviewers in particular for the excellent writing style — the author’s distinctive voice, with its pleasing, evocative rhythm — and for the polish and attention to professional copyediting.”

IndieBRAG, LLC is a collection of readers from around the United States and 10 other countries around the world. All submissions are subject to a rigorous selection process that includes an initial screening to make sure that the work meets certain minimum standards of quality and content.

“It’s an honor to have had all three books chosen for the medallion,” said Lisa Brunette in the release. “The Dreamslippers Series is quirky, genre-crossing and female-centric, which made it a tough sell for traditional publishing. But indieBRAG readers have shown that the self-publishing arena is the perfect place for experienced writers like me to take chances and experiment.”

“Bound to Truth” is Brunette’s most recent novel in her award-winning Dreamslippers series. The books follow the adventures of a grandmother and granddaughter investigator duo who use their collective psychic dream ability to solve crimes. The book has received high marks from bloggers in the indie-book community.

Local supplier Book ‘n’ Brush carries print version of all three books in the series. It’s also available at many online outlets. 

Learn more about Brunette at www.catintheflock.com.