Lewis County law enforcement is outstanding


In response to Jesse Ohlson’s recent letter concerning the police departments in Lewis County: Obviously, he was discussing Lewis County, New York.

However, even if he were talking about our police forces, as he noted, the officers who broke the rules no longer work for our agencies.

But, I imagine that Mr. Ohlson lives in a bomb shelter because of all the corruption and crime going on in New York. I think his time would be better spent taking care of the issues in New York than worrying about the conditions in Lewis County, Washington.

I believe we have outstanding law enforcement in our area of Washington, unlike many other areas in this state. Being a cop is a tough job, a job I wouldn’t want to put up with in the legal arena of Washington state these days. They are restricted in how they pursue, how they arrest, how they transport, how they incarcerate and how they respond to the various crimes in this area. I wonder how many civilians would put up with the restrictions in their jobs that the police have in theirs.

I applaud our police and thank them for their duty and sacrifice in protecting our community.

Bruce Peterson