Lewis County Encourages Residents to Take Survey for Disability Services


The Lewis County Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee is seeking input in an effort to plan outreach and coordination of services for residents with developmental disabilities and their families, according to a news release on Wednesday.

To set the community’s priorities, the release stated, the Lewis County Public Health & Social Services Developmental Disabilities office encourages families, caregivers, service providers and interested community members to participate in an online survey. 

The survey results will be used by the committee to make suggestions about current and future programs in Lewis County. 

The office aims to meet the needs of newborns to adults with family support, employment and recreation opportunities. 

 “The (committee’s) mission is to ensure a service delivery system for all citizens that maximizes individual potential and full participation in all aspects of community life,” said Sara Sons, Lewis County developmental disabilities coordinator.

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services says there were 637 adults and children in Lewis County eligible for Developmental Disabilities Administration services in 2022.

The survey is available for residents to complete online at https://form.jotform.com/223626242966158.