Letters Can Be Mailed to Santa in Downtown Chehalis


Experience Chehalis, Book ‘N’ Brush and Totally Pawsome have teamed up to bring local children a little extra magic for the holiday season with a new “Letters to Santa” program.  

Santa mailboxes, located just inside Book ‘N’ Brush and Totally Pawsome, were installed Friday.  The boxes are ready to receive “Dear Santa” letters “filled with the hopes and wishes of children of all ages and addressed to none other than the one and only Santa Claus of the North Pole,” according to a news release from Experience Chehalis, which included a few helpful notes on dropping off and receiving a reply:

• The return address on the letter must be legible to receive a response. No postage required.

• The child’s name needs to be clearly printed or it will be addressed to “my friend.”

• The volunteer “elves” try to ensure timely responses from Santa, but return times may vary.

• The original letter to Santa will not be returned, and all contact information is kept confidential.

• Keep in mind that Santa does not address a child’s gift request.

• Be patient. Volunteer “elves” put their free time into making this happen in the spirit of the holidays.

Letters “mailed” by Dec. 12 with a legible return address will receive an answer from Santa by way of the “elves” of Experience Chehalis.  

“We thank Book ‘N’ Brush for purchasing these beautiful mailboxes,” Experience Chehalis stated in the news release.

Learn about more happenings during the holiday season on the Experience Chehalis event calendar at https://experiencechehalis.com/calendar.