Letter to the Editor: Winlock UGA Annexation Should Worry All Residents


The Winlock UGA annexation should concern all Winlock citizens.

I attended the Winlock City Council meeting at May 9.

My concerns are the letters and flyers the city sent out to all of us in the UGA.

The letter states they want to annex the UGA into the city limits. My concern is the amount of housing developments that will come in as the city doesn't have the infrastructure it needs to accommodate all these new developments.

Our schools are only so big. Our roads can only handle so much. Our police and fire departments only have so many people working these departments, plus in addition they will one day have to purchase additional fire trucks, equipment and possibly another ambulance. They may have to build another fire station on the east side of the tracks to accommodate the industrial area and the new housing developments that are already in the making.

So, as growth happens, taxes will go up in time so they can enlarge these essential departments and that will cost us dearly.

Our schools will need to be added on to and construction costs are enormous.

The city water and sewer bills will go up as it costs extra to add sewer and water lines as there are no infrastructure fees added into the price of these new homes. I'm going to guess with each new home there are two children. So, two children times 200 new homes equals 400 more children to attend our schools and that's just the beginning.

The city will have to buy a snow plow to clear the roads the county currently maintains. The city will have to hire a road department person to accommodate all road maintenance. Spraying, mowing, sweeping and plowing, the list goes on.

These are just a few things that concern me and should concern all of us city and UGA residents. I urge all people involved to really think about all this. I believe we can have housing developments happening but it needs to be thought out and done right and only a little bit at a time. I think a big land grab out to and beyond the freeway is a huge chunk of responsibility for the city to take on. I'd like to see the city develop what they have then move to the next. Slow down. I'd also like to ask the city to make sure these developers do things right and not to create problems for the neighbors. Fix drainage problems and such! The city should have our backs as we all have had your backs for years. Please don't let the developer and money blind you. Take caution in anything you sign from the city. It could cost you and others dearly. We all love the city of Winlock and have for years. These developers just want to make money and go home to their mansions and yachts and we get all the bills.


Debra Dwelly