Letter to the Editor: Winlock Mayor Proposes Taxation Without Representation Scheme


The City of Winlock urban growth area (UGA) annexation is being pursued by petition, not by a vote by the residents.

The Winlock mayor and city council, along with their out-of-town fat-cat developer friends, are looking to force higher property taxes and fees on local residents to pay for industrial development infrastructure via RCW 35A.14.120 by forcing expensive city annexation on residents that don't want nor can afford costly tax increases.

Taxation without representation spearheaded by the mayor, here, in Winlock. Not from Olympia. Winlock. Lewis County.

This action will bring higher taxes and costs with zero benefits for Winlock residents. This action by the mayor and his fat-cat developer cronies may be legal, but it's absolutely not morally acceptable.


Eric Bernard