Letter to the Editor: Why the Secrecy Around Aron Christensen’s Death?


Why is there a shroud of secrecy around the investigation of Aron Christensen's death? We expect elected officials to be transparent in all their decisions and actions while in office. It is apparent that Sheriff Rob Snaza does not prescribe to this particular component of honesty and integrity.

I can assure you the previous sheriff would not have let this fiasco continue. Mansfield was a man of honor who did what was right in any situation.

There are three reasons a person hides behind a shroud of secrecy. 

1. He is hiding something.

2. His ego has grown to a point where he is no longer capable of accepting he could make a mistake. 

3. He is backed into a corner and has no way out and to still save face.

I urge the citizens to get involved and demand answers. I also urge someone to contact the coroner and asked about the employment status of the deputy coroner that responded to the death scene of Aron Christensen. 

You may be very interested in this. If the officials involved do not bring complete transparency to this matter very soon, perhaps a recall petition may be an option. 

The citizens do not have to accept this.


Jerry C. Berry

Former Lewis County detective