Letter to the editor: Why does it cost for jury duty when voting is free? 


I recently received my first jury summons since I moved to Lewis County.  

I noticed, and I found it odd after I thought about it, that returning the mandatory jury questionnaire required me to affix a postage stamp to the envelope.  

We all vote by mail. We don’t have to pay to return the ballot to the county, but we have to pay postage to return a jury questionnaire mandated by law?

Why do we get to vote for free but we have to pay to perform jury duty, which is required as a civic duty by all citizens? 

That is a rhetorical question. I know the answer.  

Voting is not mandatory. It is voluntary. Jury duty is mandatory. This is par for the course in a state run by a leftist governor and legislators. They want to make it as easy to vote as possible for a lazy, ignorant, misinformed electorate that will tend to vote for Democrats.  

I’m old enough to remember when everyone went to the polls and waited in line and showed  identification to vote. They wanted to vote badly enough that they put up with the inconvenience of standing in line for potentially hours.  

That made them serious voters, which meant they were informed about the issues. The lazy ones stayed home.  

God forbid this country is ever ruled by an electorate that doesn’t have a grip on the issues. Oh wait, it already is. Don’t bring up the shut-in issue. Shut-ins have always been covered by absentee voting.   

I have contacted the county commissioners to ask them why voting is free but jury duty isn’t. I suggest other Lewis County residents do the same. 


Joel W. Muenchau