Letter to the Editor: We Don’t Need Another State Weed Patch to Contaminate Our Productive Land


I'm opposed to the TransAlta proposal from the WDFW.

It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to make the decision to not allow WDFW to use taxpayer money again to steal 9,600 acres of the TransAlta land.

Earlier this land was proposed to be for economic use. The WDFW would like to use the area for non-productive use and partially for endangered species. Common sense is an endangered species. Examine the fiasco WDFW had while experimenting with the wolf and grizzly reintroduction program. Their personnel’s fish, elk and mountain goat management has been disastrous.

Withdrawing this land from the tax base is going to cause a further draw on the county's reserve funds. Many county roads need upgrades much more than WDFW needs another money pit.

This land would be much more suitable for human habitation, agriculture, forestland, economic development or partial acreage for an airport. We do not need another state weed patch to contaminate our productive land.


Marvin Courtney