Letter to the Editor: To Protect Second Amendment, Vote Against I-1639


Regardless of all “for the children” and “safety” verbiage, a careful reading of Initiative 1639 reveals the clear intent is to register guns and gun owners so government can easily arrest the owners and confiscate the guns.

The US Constitution’s Second Amendment, written by Founding Father James Madison, recognized gun rights as pre-existing in common law. Gun rights were also included in many state constitutions for defense of self, the several states and our nation against foreign nations.

It states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”  It has been recognized by our U.S. Supreme Court as a right of individual citizens.

Men took their personal rifles and/or muskets along with their powder and bullets, gathered together under George Washington (1776), fought and died to obtain our freedom from tyrannical, arrogant English King George III, and his rotten Parliament.

I-1639 is maliciously written to ensure you can’t protect yourself at home while meeting their rules for legality. If miscreants come break your door down to assault, rob and/or kill you, you must have your rifle(s) and pistol(s) within reach, unlocked, loaded and ready or you may die. If arms and ammo are secured as required by Initiative 1639, you will likely die. Initiative 639, as written, violates the Second Amendment as it negates self-defense.

A requirement for youth to be 21 years old before they can legally have a rifle or pistol is hogwash. Requiring all to be officially trained proposes to get armed folks’ ID, address and phone number.  Youths 17 or 18 are old enough to join the armed services, carry a selective-fire fully automatic “assault rifle” and die for the U.S. Why are they then not old enough to own a semiautomatic rifle, pistol or revolver as civilians? Answer: Washington’s “socialist ruling class” says, “No way commoner; do as your betters command.”

Keeping criminally insane people from having guns is very important. I-1639 does zero about working problems with likely mental perpetrators.  Guns aren’t hateful killers; there are no mass killings without mentally unbalanced human perpetrators.  

If you, family, friends and acquaintances want to retain Second Amendment freedoms, then vote no on Initiative 1639. I-1639 would be a big step toward losing the right to keep/ bear arms; it’s a big step toward registration and confiscation of your guns and you.


John Cramer