Letter to the editor: Property valuations by assessor more than outrageous


Several weeks ago, we received our Lewis County Assessor’s Office “real property change notice.”

I’ve spent these weeks asking the question, “why?” My wife and I own 2.38 acres and have lived here 56-plus years, and in that time the land assessment has usually gone up some. I’ve asked, “has the county rezoned our property to allow more houses on our 2.38 acres?” The answer is no. 

Could this be a mistake mixing someone else’s land with ours? I surely hope so. Could it be just a plain mistake? A wrongly placed decimal point? Time will tell.

I’ve noticed other landowners saying things like, “Has anyone else’s land assessment gone up so much?” Or, “mine has doubled.”  

Hold your breath. 

Our land assessed value went up 263% from 2023 to 2024. With “Bidenomics” taking its horrendous toll on all Americans’ pocketbooks, is the Lewis County Assessor’s Office copying the White House’s example or is this just a mistake and can be corrected? 

If your land assessment has skyrocketed as ours has, let The Chronicle know, and maybe we can save us all from this horrendous, excessive land assessment valuation.


Dan Treat