Letter to the Editor: Our Nation Is in Big Trouble — Joe Kent Can Help


I received my 10th flier today attacking Republican Joe Kent for Congress in the 3rd District. It’s put out by a group called The Governing Majority Fund. They call themselves a conservative political action committee, but looking into their information, they seem to have a lot of union (Democrat) money behind them.

I ask myself, why are they so afraid of Joe Kent? Jamie Herrea Beutler is not a conservative. She didn't vote for President Donald Trump in 2016, then voted for impeachment in 2020. She voted no on the border wall. Not a word about closed schools, businesses, churches or her constituents losing their jobs over the vaccine. She voted for Biden's behemoth budget and continuing resolution, billions to Ukraine and not a word about Biden selling our oil reserves.

How has she amassed a fortune on a congressional salary? Not looking out for the 3rd district. As far as I know, Herrera Beutler has not done one public town hall or shown up to any debates in recent years.

Then there's Heidi St. John, who said she would support whomever President Trump endorsed, but she didn't. She's running to replace Jamie Herrera Beutler, but I've seen nothing but Joe Kent attacks. Now she has fliers coming almost daily giving the impression she has Trump's support.

If she's this dishonest now, what would she be like when she gets to Washington?

Whoever is behind this really wants to make sure Joe Kent is not elected. I would only ask if you please look into this yourself. Joe Kent is somewhere in the 3rd District every day speaking to the voters. Joe Kent has been very open that he voted for Bernie Sanders as an opposition vote. He was working for the Trump administration at the time.

Joe Kent is sharp and has a clear understanding of the issues that face our country. As someone who has served 11 tours in the Middle East and lost his wife while on a special operations mission in Syria, he understands foreign policy and knows we can't continue with never-ending wars. He’s strong on immigration/open borders, the drugs and sex trade industry, the supply chain disaster, inflation, food prices, bringing back our energy independence, manufacturing, our schools and on and on, all critical issues that need to be dealt with right away. He understands that they will not have the White House, but a new Congress can still get many things done by taking control of the budget. These are not Democrat or Republican issues but issues that are seriously affecting us all. Our nation is in big trouble and I'm very comfortable putting my support behind Joe Kent.


Lauri Chown