Letter to the Editor: News Dump Podcast Is a Treasure Trove Insight Into Newspaper


The Chronicle’s “News Dump” podcast is a treasure-trove of insight for those interested in a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening in our community. As a bonus, it is also an interesting look at the craft of journalism and the people involved.

Since I prepare a dozen news items for a local morning radio show twice a week, I’ve developed an interest in journalism. This podcast, which can be heard at chronline.com/podcasts, Facebook and other podcast outlets has given me a respect which borders on awe for the hard work of the Chronicle news staff.

I find a surprising amount of drama in how challenging it is for the small news staff to finagle, charm, threaten and capture the information on a daily basis to build a newspaper. 

And while professional journalism is ideally without opinions, it is interesting to get the frustration, excitement and disapproval in the writers’ explanations about the news items they are uncovering and sharing with us in the paper.

Finally, it is very refreshing to discover that “behind the curtain” of a formal, successful newspaper are — people. Spend a bit of time with them listening to their musings and explanations, and you will find it harder to be mad about missteps, priorities or any of the other uniformed criticisms of our important local newspaper.

You’ll learn why birds are a part of Chronicle culture (*cough* Isabel Vander Stoep *cough*). You’ll see how hard Eric Schwartz tries to bring balance to the coverage and commentary. You’ll wonder what Aaron Van Tuyl offers — until it dawns that he is “everyman” in Lewis County with a double dose of amusing cynicism.

I invite you to join me in listening to the weekly episodes of News Dump. Put a weekly visit to chronline.com on your calendar or sign up at your favorite podcast service. 

And kudos to the Roof Doctor and Summit Funding for helping to fund this treat for us all.


Jami lund