Letter to the editor: New Centralia liquidation store a buyer’s delight


Thank you so much for the article on the new AMZing liquidation store across Tower Avenue from Dawn's Delectables in Centralia.

As the article stated, the store buys returns from Amazon and other retailers in bulk, and then sells the items at a huge discount.

How much of a discount, you might ask? I stopped in on Thursday, the $8 day, the prices vary by day of the week, and bought seven items, which of course came to $56 before taxes. 

Five of the seven items turned out to be brand new. 

The other two were in like new condition. All worked just fine.

When I got home I looked up the current retail selling price of each of those items. The total came to $189. Wow! I saved $133. 

Here's a helpful hint to shoppers: Bring a flashlight. The lighting is pretty dim there. A flashlight will help you find those great buys.


Paul Barwick