Letter to the Editor: Make America Great Again (Again) With Joe Kent


Stupid: Given to unintelligent decisions or acts.

Historically, newspaper readers have received straight, unbiased news, as in facts and direct quotes, plus an editorial page containing opinion. I wish to point out to Chronicle readers that in my opinion The Chronicle chooses to not only editorialize, but The Chronicle publishes articles which show political preference against candidates who wish to “Keep America Great.”

The Sept. 9 article by former Chronicle reporter Claudia Yaw, worse than an editorial, attempts to show 3rd Congressional District candidate Joe Kent, who has spent his life defending America, in a bad light.

In the article, Yaw continually attempts to connect Kent, without facts, to allegations against his supporters as “Matt Gaetz, Florida House Republican embroiled in controversy” and “Controversial Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green” and of course “twice impeached President Trump.” No facts are presented that in any way reflect badly on Joe Kent.

Jamie Herrera Beutler was given one-third of the editorial page to describe “Biden’s Afghanistan Exit Nothing Short of Disaster.” Jaime, along with many other Republicans, worked against President Trump, this facilitating the election of Biden. Disloyalty does not pay.

Are liberal Republicans and Democrat Biden voters beginning to recognize how disastrous the Democrats’ “fundamental changes to America” are turning out to be? Do they realize yet that everything Biden has done is destroying our country? The USA is no longer trusted by our international allies.

Please consider supporting Joe Kent for Congress. We will have a representative who will be loyal to a leader who will facilitate lower gas prices, controlled borders, low inflation, constitutional government, smaller government, lower taxes and international action from a position of strength.

Let’s make America great again, again.


Mike Kimbrel